Farmin’ Flavor



The goal of this page is for you the consumer to be able to find an inexpensive, fresh, and local recipe with all or most of the ingredients found here at the Fulton Street Farmers Market. By working closely with local restaurants and chefs, in addition with the vendors here, we have compiled easy to follow instructions on how to create wonderful dishes with in season ingredients.

Quick Tip

One of the best ways to stretch your dollar here at the FSFM is to buy potted herbs from one of our fantastic local vendors. Add some color and aroma to your kitchen and snip what you need to add fantastic fresh flavors to your favorite dishes.

Don’t Call it a Comeback! Farmin’ Fresh

Coming Soon the new and improved Farmin’ Flavor. Take a tour of local vendors at the market and see what fresh and delicious concoctions you could create.

A new Farmin’ Flavor every month.

At the heart of Fulton Street Farmers Market are people who love food. And we think there’s no better way to celebrate food than to invite area chefs to create a dish that utilizes ingredients straight from the Market.

The idea is simple: one local chef each month features a menu item using locally-grown ingredients. It’s what we call Farmin’ Flavor. And there’s plenty to go around.