FSFM Fall Harvest Dinner – October 24, 2015 6:30pm!

September 24, 2015

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“Autumn – from September into November is the absolute best time to shop the market,” said Overdevest, event organizer. “It’s the culmination of summer and the beginning of fall and all kinds of good things are colliding to create more abundance than any other time of the year.  We want to celebrate West Michigan’s harvest — with a dinner that’s 95 percent local because it’s just fun.”

Smack down the market’s center aisle. Outdoors, under the roof trusses, we’ll arrange long tables, canvas-covered, with autumn’s harvest and straw bale seating.

Prepare for a taste adventure:  roasted celery root filet with apple, onion and shell bean relish; cider-braised pumpkin and lacinato kale gratin with pumpkin seeds; smashed beets with caramelized honey and toasted spices; and Brussels sprout salad with maitake mushroom, pickled pears and roasted pear vinaigrette.  All of those recipes are vegetarian and three vegan – we know that you love that. If we could skip the honey, but it is so good, then there would be four vegan options.  For the carnivores, check out the whole hog pulled pork with maple vinegar sauce and aromatic spiced lamb skewers. The highlight, though, will be the finish: a cider candy apple (ruby red – think Wizard of Oz’ Dorothy sparkly slippers) lip-smacking with hard cider apple sauce and punctuated with a real twig, gnarly and witchy finger-like.

Tickets: Limited availability, $85 per person, includes hard or soft cider pairing and $25 goes to FSFM Food Education Fund.


Whole Hog Pulled Pork with Maple Vinegar Sauce

Aromatic Spiced Lamb Skewers

Roasted Celery Root Filet with Apple, Onion and Shell Bean Relish

Cider Braised Pumpkin and Lacinato Kale Gratin with Pumpkin Seeds

Smashed Beets with Caramelized Honey and Toasted Spices

Brussels Sprout Salad with Maitake Mushroom, Pickled Pears and Roasted Pear Vinaigrette


Cider Candy Apple and Hard Cider Apple Sauce


– Dinner service will begin at 6:30 p.m.

 – Music provided by the B-Side Growlers –Tradition inspired, toe-tappin’ fired, vintage acoustic
blues, jazz and country, and will conclude at 9 p.m. 

 – The dinner menu naturally emphasizes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, while offering two dishes for those who would miss the meat.
 – The event will take place outside, under the market roof, so dress accordingly

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