Just When You Thought You Knew Everything

August 1, 2011

Each market day brings not only a broad spectrum of vendors, but also a diverse group of wonderful customers. Some have been visiting the market for years and attend in multi-generational groups. For many others, it is a first time adventure and one we hope they come to repeat often. Everyone has their own unique experience based on their past, their current needs and what they know. For those just getting started (and those who have been visiting for years), we hope we can introduce a few new things to help make each trip an even bigger delight. For example, did you know:

  1. You can use credit/debit cards and Bridge cards at the market. Simply stop by the office to visit the “human ATM machine” that sells tokens that work just like cash in the market.
  2. The market is much more than fresh fruits and vegetables. While the produce is out of this world, you can also find the excellent meat, fish, and dairy products to create a meal worthy of a Food Channel debut.
  3. It is great fun to shop on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Of course Saturday is a block-buster day, but if you want to spend time chatting with the vendors and stroll at a more leisurely pace, a weekday may be just what you are looking for.
  4. There are bathrooms at the SE corner of the market and on a hot day, they are nicely air conditioned. If the heat is beating you down, take a break and then go for round two.
  5. There is very easy, close, free parking at the Salvation Army — NE corner of Fuller & Fulton. Don’t let the worry about parking congestion keep you home.

We hope you find a new bit of information today and incorporate it into your next visit. See you soon!!

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