Experiments Are Fun

August 21, 2011

The farmers market serves as a wonderful catalyst for experimentation. A ho-hum evening meal can turn into a grand adventure with a few creative purchases. How about something new on the grill? Expand your thinking beyond meat and try grilled fruits and vegetables — directly on the grill. This dinner celebrated not only Italian Sausage purchased from Woodbridge Dairy but also grilled okra from Ellens Farm. Add a wonderful pasta from Ada Farm — Organic Basil & Garlic, for example — and toss it with a twist on pesto. By adding some fresh tomatoes from the market, a basic pesto recipe becomes extra special. For dessert enjoy a simple grilled peach cut in half (or your favorite stone fruit). It doesn’t get any better (or healthier) than this. Be a brave scientist in the kitchen and create something wonderful. It is easy when you start with fresh food from the Fulton Street Farmers Market.

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